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Capsphere Secures CIP SPRINT Grant

22 Feb 2024 - Capsphere Services Sdn Bhd Malaysia's first P2P asset-based financing platform, has recently clinched the CIP SPRINT grant, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards P2P financing. The grant, awarded by the Cradle Fund under its CIP SPRINT initiative, underscores Capsphere's innovative approach towards fostering financial inclusivity and technological advancement within the Malaysian business landscape.

CIP SPRINT, a flagship program by the Cradle Fund, stands as a beacon of support for technology-based entrepreneurs seeking to commercialize their ventures. With grants of up to RM600,000 and a maximum duration of eighteen months, CIP SPRINT is tailored to empower SMEs in their pursuit of growth and innovation. This funding, provided in the form of a conditional grant will assist entrepreneurs to fund their technology based business venture.

Securing the CIP SPRINT grant as a batch 3 recipient is a significant milestone for Capsphere for the beginning of 2024. We would like to extend our appreciation to Cradle for enabling us to continue our pursuit to contribute positively to P2P financing in Malaysia and beyond. As we navigate new prospects and strive to support entrepreneurs and investors, we hope our efforts will have a meaningful impact on the Malaysian economy, promoting growth, resilience, and prosperity in the years ahead.

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