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Our mission

Drivers of economic growth and opportunity for our community

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Registered with Securities Commission Malaysia

Our story

Before business financing was widely available, the majority of small businesses were funded by the owner’s immediate family, close friends and even neighbours. Inspired by a time gone by, Capsphere was founded on two pillars that paved the way for early entrepreneurs to obtain financing: community and trust.

Having seen our fair share of family businesses struggle to secure funding, we envision a shared space for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and investors. Capsphere enables SMEs the opportunity to fulfill their ambitions, alongside investors that want to be contributors toward economic growth while making an impact in a socially rewarding way; beyond seeking financial returns.


What we do

We are Malaysia’s first P2P asset-based financing platform registered with Securities Commission Malaysia. Simply put, we connect ambitious SMEs to avid investors.

Capsphere sets itself apart from the crowd because we ensure every loan is secured with an asset. This added measure enables us to provide low interest financing to SMEs and gives our investor community the confidence to back businesses they believe in.

Through our unique offering, we take pride in providing accessible financing that enables SMEs from various industries to grow while empowering investors to expand their portfolio with a peace of mind.

Crowdfunding Businesses
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Payment to Investors
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Collateral pledged as security
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