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Capsphere Safevesting

Experience guaranteed returns of up to 6% p.a.*

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Registered with Securities Commission Malaysia


What is Capsphere Safevesting?

Capsphere Safevesting are Guaranteed Notes offering expected and stable returns over a specified term.


Enabling investors to receive their initial investment at the end of the tenure.


Confidently Invest with Assured Returns

Benefits of Investing in Guaranteed Notes


Guaranteed Returns

Guaranteed returns for all Capsphere safevest notes


Low Risk

Perfect for Investors seeking reliable financial growth



Continue to generate returns effortlessly by utilizing our Auto Invest feature

How Capsphere Safevesting works?

1. Invest in Capsphere Safevest Notes which are backed by a Guaranteeing Entity.
2. Non-payment for more than 30 days from the due date.
3. Investors will receive their principal and remaining returns from the Guaranteeing Entity.
4. The Guaranteeing Entity will then assume the right to claim the debt from the Issuer
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How to Sign Up?

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