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Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim Launches investED Program to Boost Graduates' Employability and Capital

Exciting news awaits Malaysians as the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, unveils the investED program, a groundbreaking capital market talent initiative. Developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the Ministry of Higher Education, Bursa Malaysia, and prominent capital market players, this visionary program aims to revolutionize Malaysia's financial landscape.

Here are the key benefits:

1. Enhanced graduate employability: The initiative targets enhancing the employability of 9,000 university graduates in Malaysia, focusing on the capital market industry. It aims to improve their job prospects and incomes, thereby increasing graduate employability and career opportunities.

2. Job opportunities: The initiative aims to offer job placements and on-the-job training for 600 Malaysian graduates in the capital market industry over the next three years. This provides graduates with practical training and employment opportunities within the capital market firms, enhancing their chances of gaining valuable work experience and securing jobs.

3. Skill development: The investED's Foundation Programme, managed by Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC), aims to benefit an additional 2,400 graduates. This structured certification program enhances graduates' skills and knowledge, making them more competent in the competitive job market.

4. Public-private sector cooperation: The cooperation between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Higher Education, Bursa Malaysia, and capital market players showcases the government's dedication to enhancing the higher education system and developing a skilled workforce. This partnership enables Malaysians to acquire industry-relevant education and training, aligning their skills with the capital market industry's requirements.

Overall, InvestED aims to alleviate the talent shortage in the capital market, enhance graduate employability, and create job opportunities for Malaysian graduates. This benefits Malaysians by boosting their chances of securing better-paying jobs, gaining relevant skills, and fostering the growth of the capital market industry.

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