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Capsphere in Launchpad for Growth

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 SEPTEMBER 2023 - Capsphere was one of six startups in PwC Malaysia’s inaugural Launchpad for Growth accelerator program. This initiative, “Launchpad for Growth”, is dedicated to assist startups in realizing their full potential by equipping them with the necessary tools, guidance, and access to funding for growth and success.

Launchpad for Growth dedicates itself to establishing a supportive platform that empowers startups to connect with their peers, making this startup accelerator program a beacon of hope for startups poised to redefine industries and contribute significantly to economic growth.

We had the opportunity to present to Family Offices and VC’s during the Investor Day followed by 1 on 1 discussions. This was truly a great experience to share our vision, stories and be able to learn from experts in the industry.

We kickstart this program alongside other remarkable startups - Dropee, MHub, MoneyMatch, Pandai Education, and, each harboring groundbreaking ideas poised to revolutionize their respective industries.

If you are a startup looking to enhance your business in the Malaysian startup landscape, Launchpad for Growth warmly welcomes you to join in exploring the potential for collaboration within their accelerator program.

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